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Sandbilder-Schamal Traeume aus Sand
Maintenance sand pictures | Startseite


Maintenance of the sand picture

Artikel: 8888

With proper handling your sand picture draws beautiful landscapes.
The slower the sand trickles, the finer are the drawings.
You will find that after a few months the air in the sand picture has become more. The sand-run stops again and again. It gives the impression that there is not enough liquid.
Please do not fill up any liquid yet!
The sand image has a negative pressure in the interior, which serves to 'suck' the two glass panes at the correct distance.
This negative pressure has gradually compensated and now the sand image has just become thicker.

So, it takes a slimming diet
Pick up the syringe that we have given you and remove the excess air from the image. Please take care that the sand is on the opposite side, so that you only puncture the air bubbles and not the sand.
Restart the run, according to the rule:
more air - sand trickles slower
less air - sand trickles faster

If your sand picture is getting a bit long in the tooth (normally around 5 to 7 years), then it may actually be that some liquid has evaporated.
Then the sand can hardly run although you have removed the air, because the gap in which the sands move is too narrow.
The sand picture has become too thin. It needs ‘food’.
The 'food' consists of a 20% water-alcohol mixture. So: 1 part of alcohol on 5 parts of water.
Simplest, you take some clear schnapps (around 38% alc.) and water in equal parts. Much 'food' is not needed. For a sand picture in DINA 4 format at most 2 of the small syringes are sufficiently for refilling.
Carefully fill a syringe load into the sand image and avoid foaming by skewing the image. Now the superfluous air is removed from the image. This is how you exchange the air for liquid. Please do not overfill it. To stay with DINA4 format about 1cm air should stay.
Now pull out the remaining air, make a vacuum and reset the image.
After a few month (just normal) there will be again a bit too much air in the picture, so take the syringe and give it another slimming diet by removing the superfluous air. The sand picture needs some attention.

Have fun!

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